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In 2004 Stuart Schnee PR opened as a dynamic, independent public relations office focusing on book publicity and marketing. Backed by 20 years of experience working with the Jewish and general media and in the publishing industry and Jewish non-profit sector, we help clients excel in communicating their story and vision to the public.

With years of experience in academic, trade and electronic publishing, Stuart has a keen understanding of the modern publishing industry and how to position a book and author for success.

Stuart Schnee is prompt, professional, frank, and he does what he says he’ll do. Just what every writer needs when launching a new book.

Emily A. Benedek – author The Red Sea


Public Relations /
Book Publicity

Book Shepherding

Social Media

Marketing and Distribution

Events/Book Tours

Back Office Management

Public Relations / Book Publicity

Managing your relationship with the media (and everyone else important to you.) With years of experience in Jewish book publicity (as well as general book publicity), we use our contacts and experience to maximize media exposure for your book. Customized publicity campaigns ensure that we meet your needs.  We work with traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, websites, radio, and TV as well as news outlets including blogs and social media.

Book Shepherding

Helping authors get their book through all the necessary “hoops” on the way to becoming a book and being published.  We tailor the service to your specific needs.  If you require a top-notch editor and graphic designer plus publicity services or only a consult on distribution options, you only pay for what you need.

Social Media 

Facebook, Twitter, blogging….there is so much that can be done. We have experience in using social media to help our clients achieve their goals. We’ll help you navigate the options, make choices that help you, and manage campaigns that get results.

Marketing and Distribution

Amazing reviews aren’t worth much if readers can’t find your book. We get your book to market so consumers can find and buy it easily. We establish relationships with distributors such as Baker & Taylor and Ingram, Barnes & Noble and we set up Amazon accounts for online sales.  Need distribution and storage? We will find you solutions that meet your needs.

Events/Book Tours

Speaking to community organizations, synagogues, or in a bookstore can be a great way to connect with readers while getting exposure and sales for your books.  With years of experience arranging book events of all types, we can set up the events that you want and manage all the details as well.

Back Office Management

Whether it is finding and applying for book awards or seeking out blurbs for your book, we will take care of the details, so you can focus on other tasks.


… His comprehensive knowledge of and contacts within the Jewish media is boundless.

Jamie Geller, Author of Quick & Kosher

… It is no small tribute to his winning personality that he had Publishers Weekly competing with Time Magazine’s reviewer for best summer camp song rendition. While he is our default consultant on all things Judaica, we consider him an invaluable resource on world fiction, current affairs, and cookery.

Christopher Kerr, Parson Weems Publisher Services, NY

… I am deeply indebted to Stuart Schnee for his dedication to promoting my book, The Rabbi & the Nuns, and obtaining reviews.

Abraham J. Twerski, MD

… Stuart Schnee set up an excellent 3-week book tour for me to promote “Rashi’s Daughters” at 8 events throughout Israel, plus he arranged for publicity, including for me to be interviewed by the Jerusalem Post.

Maggie Anton

… He has an understanding of what works and what doesn’t and knows how to focus one’s marketing energies on the mediums that will be most effective at reaching the most potential customers.

Aryeh Pinchas Strickoff

… In my case, he set me up with a great editor, found me the right publisher, and saved me money to boot. Hire him and you’ll be in more than capable hands.

Ira Berkowitz, Author of A Wolf in the Soul


Feldheim Publishing

Quick & Kosher – Jamie Geller

Urim Publications

Gefen Publishing

CHIC Made Simple – Esther Deutsch

Mosaica Press

The Toby Press

Yeshiva University

Reyna Simnegar – Persian Food from the Non-Persian Bride

Red Sea: A Novel – Emily Benedek

Aviva Kanoff – The No Potato Passover Cookbook

Tamar Ansch – A Taste of Challah

The Chofetz Chaim Foundation

Levana Kirschenbaum – The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen

David Zeller

Amit Women

Baruch Labinsky – A Financial Guide to Aliyah and Life in Israel

Irving Langer – The Kosher Grapevine

Devora Publishing

Pitspopany Press

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