A Helpful Seminar from the Jewish Book Council

Yesterday I was a guest at the Jewish Writers Seminar: Writing for Adult Readers held by the Jewish Book Council in NYC.

I have attended all sorts of seminars, workshops and publishing universities over the years. This JBC event was one of the useful events.  The panels included agents, editors, authors and publicists.  The information shared was, for the most part, the information I find so many authors need. I wish more authors were able to hear this information before they set out on their publishing journey.

The audience was made up of authors, some published and some not yet published. They asked good questions & the answers were usually spot on. There was very little fluff (OK, there was some….we are dealing with publishing here folks!).

Some helpful info:

– be part of a writing community, connect with other authors from your genre. Don’t be alone.

– Be an expert in the subject you are writing on: start speaking publicly and writing for the media on your topic, and don’t wait until your book is out to do it!


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