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Is something hurting Orthodox Jewish publishing?

I met today with the CEO and Editor in Chief of a well regarded publisher in NY (where else?). Their market is primarily the Orthodox Jewish English speaking market – probably mostly North America and Israel. These fellows have been in the business for decades and really know their stuff.  The CEO raised a question […]

Natan Sharansky, Jeremy Barkan z”l and Jewish Heroism

Last night I had the sad honor of attending a program in memory of Jeremy Barkan z”l the late husband of dear friend Lisa Barkan. Jeremy passed away after a number of heroic medical struggles leaving behind a legacy of kindness, idealism and optimism. Lisa invited Natan Sharansky to speak and it was a deeply […]

The Top 50 Hebrew Books of All Time – In Honor of Book Week (from Makor Rishon)

In honor of Israel’s Book Week, the popular Israeli newspaper Makor Rishon  published results of a reader poll of the top 50 Hebrew books of all time.  The poll was run via their weekend magazine (so hip it hurts)  Motzash  which means “Saturday night” in a slangy sort of way. The poll picked many books which, in […]

Focus on Book Week in Israel: No snobs. Top authors writing for children.

  Book week has started in Israel.  The inevitable newspaper articles are starting to appear and I’ll post what I think is interesting when & if I see it.  Jessica Steinberg writes in The Times of Israel about some of Israel’s bestselling authors who write children’s titles as well as adult literature.  As always, Jessica […]

Book Week in Israel – Coming Soon to a City Square Near You!

The annual book fest which sweeps Israel cities starts this year on June 5.  Officially known as “book week”, thousands upon thousands of people crowd these outdoor book sales which are a celebration of reading and vivid proof that books are far from gone from modern society. According to Wikipedia this annual tradition began as […]

65 Books for 65 Years. Celebrating Israel. With Books, Of Course.

Celebrating Israel through books makes perfect sense. Books have played a huge role in the history and daily life of Israel. The founders of the modern state set out their ideologies in books, and people all over the world have fallen in love with the vision and reality of Israel while reading books. Scores of […]

“This is the only chocolate cake you will ever need to make” – Levana Kirschenbaum Speaks Truth

“This is the only chocolate cake you will ever need to make” – this is how Levana Kirschenbaum introduces her Chocolate Cake recipe in her recent cookbook  The Whole foods Kosher Kitchen.  I am posting this picture to show that Levana is probably correct. I made the cake (it was fun). We served it to […]

McGraw-Hill launches eBooks which adapt to the student….

As  account executive for an eBook company I worked with publishing giant McGraw Hill for a few years. I enjoyed the work and the people as well as visiting their offices around the US. It was at their office in Iowa that I first saw a car started remotely…..Iowa is cold. So people start their […]