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Book Week in Israel – Coming Soon to a City Square Near You!

The annual book fest which sweeps Israel cities starts this year on June 5.  Officially known as “book week”, thousands upon thousands of people crowd these outdoor book sales which are a celebration of reading and vivid proof that books are far from gone from modern society. According to Wikipedia this annual tradition began as […]

McGraw-Hill launches eBooks which adapt to the student….

As  account executive for an eBook company I worked with publishing giant McGraw Hill for a few years. I enjoyed the work and the people as well as visiting their offices around the US. It was at their office in Iowa that I first saw a car started remotely…..Iowa is cold. So people start their […]

2012 National Jewish Book Award Winners Announced….

  Mazel tov! The Jewish Book Council has announced the 2012 winners of the National Jewish Book Awards. Two quick comments: One – Interesting that one of kids books (When the Hurricane Came) is a self published work.  What does it mean? Not sure. It is not earth shattering news but worthy of attention. I did have […]

Hush….. a book (and video) about abuse reminds us of the power & value of books

Remember a book that you read which had serious impact on how you felt about something? Well….add Hush to your list. When I asked some Jewish media thinkers & writers which books they really enjoyed reading in 2012 (this list to be postedhere soon), Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein wrote to me explaining that one of the books he read, Hush […]

Important thoughts from author Sherri Mandell…….10 ways to help Newtown’s grieving families: from a mother who knows

The Blessing of a Broken Heart (Toby Press) by Sherri Mandell  is the heartbreaking story of Sherri’s life during and after the murder of her son Koby by Palestinian terrorists. The book touched thousands and continues to do so. It was a winner of the National Jewish Book Award in 2004. I had the honor of being […]