Focus on Book Week in Israel: No snobs. Top authors writing for children.


Book Week Starts in Israel.

Book week has started in Israel.  The inevitable newspaper articles are starting to appear and I’ll post what I think is interesting when & if I see it.  Jessica Steinberg writes in The Times of Israel about some of Israel’s bestselling authors who write children’s titles as well as adult literature.  As always, Jessica offers a “top 5” – this time:  the top five reasons these authors write children’s books.

The article begins:

“There’s that moment in the day, particularly for parents of small children, when the frenetic activity calms down and that small child, or sometimes more than one, cuddles up, resting head on shoulder for the bedtime story. It’s a nighttime ritual that’s repeated the world over — and, clearly, during the day as well. But it is that evening reading, the bedtime story that’s often handled by the parent returning home from work, that has impressed several generations of Israeli novelists.”

Read the full story here.



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