Hush….. a book (and video) about abuse reminds us of the power & value of books

Remember a book that you read which had serious impact on how you felt about something? Well….add Hush to your list.

When I asked some Jewish media thinkers & writers which books they really enjoyed reading in 2012 (this list to be postedhere soon), Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein wrote to me explaining that one of the books he read, Hush  “packs an emotional wallop that makes it easy to justify the occasional inaccuracy. When so many of our communities are still dragging their feet rather than implementing strong measures to prevent abuse, this book strengthens a reader’s resolve to rid ourselves of a deadly plague.”

I came upon a video of Judy Brown, the author of Hush speaking at a conference of Orthodox Jewish mental health professionals. After watching it, I want to share it here.  Her talk reminded me of the power of books and how they can affect the reader, the author and the world (yes, really).


Author Judy Brown speaking at Nefesh Conference




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