No Joke. This looks likes a “must have” book for Chanukah.

No jokes. Inside Chanukah by Aryeh Pinchas Strickoff seems like a “must have” book for Chanukah. (Full disclosure…the publisher is a client but… I go through this book I am enjoying it more & more. We are beyond publicity here folks).

So if you want to say something interesting at the family Chanukah party (office party, whatever). Or just to know more about the holiday  – this book is your answer.

It literally has everything on Chanukah. Did I say everything?  At first I thought it was actually too much info. But I am realizing that what the author told me is true……one can peruse the book for a few minutes and come away with something valuable.

Why do we eat certain foods? There are three pages just on sufganiyot (donuts) and another two pages on latkes.

Why do we give money to kids on Chanukah? A nice explanation the author brings from the Belzer Rebbe is that by giving money to kids, we are making it easier to give money to the poor discreetly – since money is being handed out pretty widely, who knows who is actually poor?

A look at some original Roman or Jewish texts on Chanukah.

Intricate legal and philosophical discussions on which way the menorah ought to be lit.

And…if something doesn’t grab me…I skip it. There is so much else to read.

I saw this book in all the usual Judaica stores & of course you can still get it delivered in time to learn something new about this Chanukah if you order online (plus, Feldheim has a nice 20% off sale on right now).


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