Prepare My Prayer a Finalist for National Jewish Book Award

I’m delighted that Prepare My Prayer by Rabbi Dov Singer is a finalist for a National Jewish Book Award. I was privileged to be the publicist for this important book which is the English translation of the Hebrew bestseller “Tikon Tefilati“. Both books are published by Koren Publishers.

An invitation to fundamentally reconsider prayer and make it more personally relevant, this book speaks to so many. Just as Corona was beginning to hit, Rav Dov visited the US and the positive reactions of audiences proved how the messages and challenges of his approach to prayer fit perfectly with the needs of many Jews today.

Watching Rav Dov interact and share with an audience is something to behold and the ability to distill many of his ideas into a book was an important step helpful to Hebrew and English speakers alike. It’s worth investing time in watching Rav Dov teach online (see You Tube). Follow the Makor Chaim Facebook page here to keep up to date with online courses with Rav Dov and more.

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