Zieglitz’s Blessing

“Zieglitz’s Blessing follows a man’s life through love, loss, anger, and redemption. At times funny, often heart-wrenching, and consistently thought-provoking, Goldberg’s novel will touch you in ways that will surely surprise you and stay with you long after reading it.”

-Randy Auerbach, Film Executive and Producer

“Michael Goldberg’s new genre-bending novel is itself a blessing: an unorthodox rabbi’s quixotic search to heal the wounds he has suffered and inflicted since his bris. Though an entertaining send-up of biblical contradictions and rabbinical hypocrisy, Goldberg’s book also explores his sinner’s inherent decency, honor, and love of family. Zieglitz’s Blessing carves a memory not soon forgotten.”

-Lou Gorfain, President, New Screen Concepts

Zieglitz’s Blessing is that rare mix: religiously serious fiction filled with irreverent
From childhood, Rod Zieglitz questions the truthfulness of his Hebrew name, which means “God will show mercy.” Sometimes that name seems fitting. At other times, though, it strikes Zieglitz as a cruel joke. Only on his deathbed, grappling with the challenges he’s faced, does Zieglitz rightly understand the notion of God’s blessing for the first time. Touching readers in ways that will surprise them, Zieglitz’s Blessing is sure to stay with them long after they’ve finished it.

About the Author
Michael Goldberg is a nationally-acclaimed writer and speaker. He has held university
chairs in religious studies, worked with an international strategic management consulting firm, served as a professional ethicist with the Georgia Supreme Court and various hospital ethics committees while additionally providing support as an ICU and hospice chaplain. Among his other books are: Jews and Christians, Getting our Stories Straight (1985); Why Should Jews Survive? (1995); and Raising Spirits (2010).

Title: Zieglitz’s Blessing Author: Michael Goldberg Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-6667-4007-3 208 pgs., Price: $30.00, Paperback ISBN: 978-1-6667-4006-6 208 pgs., Price: $20.00 eBook: 978-1-6667-4008-0 Price: $9.99 Pub date: February 2023

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